Microsoft Office 2013 Review : Latest Professional Applications

We all know that one of the best products of the world’s most popular software company Microsoft Corporation is the Microsoft Office Suite. This Corporation has released several versions of this product.

Among them the Microsoft Office 2013 is very popular, advanced and useful. That is why it has achieved very high acceptance to the computer users.

Microsoft office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 Overview

Microsoft is a reliable name in the IT section. It provides so many effective and useful products for the users. Among all the beneficial products from Microsoft, Microsoft Office is very important for the business section. Microsoft is providing this software since 1989. From the beginning time, it has made a huge change in every version. The latest version of this product is Microsoft Office 2013. It has eliminated the limitations of the previous office version of Microsoft.

Interface of this Software

The interface of Microsoft Office 2013 is totally different from the last version. But the installation process is just like the previous versions. It is mainly formed from following the idea of Windows 8. That’s why, the graphical view as well the outlook of this software is almost same like Windows 8.

Device Platforms

This product is very flexible for the touch screen monitor. That means, this is applicable for the tablets PC, touch screen laptops, smart phone devices with Windows OS. Besides, you can use this beneficial product in your desktop or in your general laptop also.

Microsoft office 2013 review

First of all we can consider the main objective of the programs which are available in this suite. Microsoft Word is the most commonly used programs for writing the documents and forms in different languages and styles. There are various types of styles of words or phrases included in this program and that if why you can easily complete your document. Microsoft Excel is a very much essential program for the uses in official purposes. You can record all the data by using this program very quickly and easily. PowerPoint is the program which can be used for creating the slideshows and presentation sheets.

Features of Microsoft Office 2013

There are so many tools available in this program and you can use those tools to make your presentation more attractive. You can also apply the 3D effects. Microsoft Outlook is another essential program which can be used in the searching and replying anything to the internet. The Publisher will help you to print the photos which are available to different kind of websites.

As we all know the Microsoft Office 2013 is more advanced than the 2010 version. Some main advanced features which you can find in this product are it can be integrated to different kinds of online or cloud service. That is why you can directly save the documents to the cloud services. The SkyDrive, Hotmail and Skype can also integrate with this exclusive product of Microsoft. You don’t have to use extra software for converting the documents to the PDF format because if you create any document by using Microsoft 2013 then you can directly save that as PDF files. You can easily add the photos to the documents before saving.