LogoOnlinePros Review: Have Exclusive Web Design Software

LogoOnlinePros is considered as an online based company whose task is to design the logos for various companies and the platform.

In the web designing section, LogoOnlinePros is a trusted one platform for the users. To develop almost any type of webpage, LogoOnlinePros takes a very short time.

LogoOnlinePros Review

LogoOnlinePros and Its Activities

In the case of designing, it offers the customization system. In fact; it is able to maintain the logo designing process according to the user’s need. The business based logo; color format can be maintained through this solution. It maintains various types of designing tasks like Stationary design, web design, and banner design can also be performed by LogoOnlinePros. In the designing section, it maintains the best quality and the performance.

The available categories offered by LogoOnlinePros

Logo: In this category, it offers three sections like Ultra basic, Interactive and Intuitive. In the Ultra Basic section, you will get a single custom based logo with the web ready formatted file. But, the Interactive section offers 3 custom based logo designing activities and 3 designers with 3 rounds in the revision section. In the case of Intuitive, unlimited custom based logos can be found with the support of 10 designers. It also includes home page design under any webpage. To purchase these packages, you need to pay $39, $89 and $189 sequentially.

Under the web designing section, it offers three packages like Solo Web Plan, SME Web Plan and large Bizz Web Plan. Under these plans, you will get almost 5 pages, 7 pages and 12 custom pages designing process in a sequential way. Besides, free domain registration system, reviewing condition, HTML and CSS managing and other related tasks can be handled easily. To purchase these packages, you will have to offer $199, $399 and $699 sequentially.



Other additional categories offered by LogoOnlinePros

Banner design: LogoOnlinePros includes three packages in the banner designing sector. These are: Starter (2 pack), Business (4 pack) and Marketeer (6 pack). For the single users, Starter is a valid one. For the professional activities, you need to use Marketeer pack. While purchasing these packages, you need to pay only $119, $79 and $39 for the packages of Marketeer, Business and Starter.

Stationary design

Generally, the business card, envelopes is existed under this category. In this category, you will observe 3 packs. These are: Quick, Startup and Enterprise. In the Quick pack, a single business card design task is available. On the contrary, Enterprise package offers 3 business card concepts, 3 letterhead based concept and so on. To get these packages, you need to pay $39, $99 and $129 for the pack of Quick, Startup and Enterprise pack.