AWPCP Pricing and Corresponding WordPress Site Review

In the WordPress section, many plug-ins are used for performing various tasks. For maintaining the task of classified ads, the users can rely on AWPCP.

The image posting system or the controlling system or the corresponding image can be handled by the users easily in this category. After that, the allowing process for the corresponding images in the posting case can be controlled easily.

AWPCP Review

AWPCP and the overview under this

At this time, this is considered as a trusted one classified based plug-in under the WordPress section. It is very fast to use and operate. To install this plug-in in your corresponding WordPress site, you just need to follow the sequential steps like other plug-in. This is used by a lot of users all over the World in the classified section. Under this, you will observe the best customer support.

The features offered by AWPCP

AWPCP includes a lot of features with the custom based functions. These features are:

Ad features: To ensure this term, you will get a huge activity with the needed functions. You can search for the ads by depending on city, state or country basis. Besides, the searching process can be performed by depending on the username and keyword section. After that, the controlling process over the HTML using the format of the ads is also very flexible and user friendly. Here, the users will get the term of limiting the text size of the corresponding ad posting. The standard forms can be disabled or enabled while allowing the image posting system with the ads. Moreover, the configuration process of the ad display can be managed easily through this solution.

Notification features: In this category, you can allow the posters that are needed to notify of the expiring ads. After that, the allowing process of the admin can be notified in the case of posting new ads. Besides, the classified based ad users can easily contact the needed ad poster.


Ad Posting Control

In this section, the term by allowing the admin is maintained in a sequential way by which the approval process of the ads can be controlled easily. The users can also edit and delete the ads according to the need. After that, the admin can also add or delete the ads in the system section. Moreover, the security system ensures the best security condition to the users with the unique editing keys.

Pricing conditions fulfilled by AWPCP

For purchasing the modules with single site license format, you need to pay only $239.99. But if any user wants to purchase the needed modules for multi site, then s/he will have to pay $389.99. Both these two packages offer all the modules under AWPCP.