Microsoft Windows 7 Review | Get the Operating System

If you want to get all the features of the latest computer devices, then it is very essential to use the best quality operating system. There are many types of operating system which are provided by various software corporations.

But the most successful company in this field is the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft creates the operating system in the name of Windows which has some versions also. Windows 7 is one of the most successful operating systems of the World.

microsoft windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 Review

Windows 7 is the version of Windows operating system and it is more advanced than the previous versions of the same product named the Windows XP and Windows Vista. It can be said that Windows 7 is the most commonly used operating system of the world. Microsoft has created various editions of this innovative operating system. Each of the editions has some common and different features.

Why Use the Windows

Advanced Media Player is one of the most attractive features of this product. Its Media Player can use for opening any type of audio and video files. It is faster and more effective than that of previous versions of Windows. If you install this to your computer, then it will provide more advanced graphic properties to the desktop. You can customize the resolution of your desktop also and that is why this operating system is different.

Windows 7 is very fast and easy to use. There are so many options and programs are added to this product and that is why you will be able to handle this very easily. It needs small time to open any type of programs. After installing this, your PC can be powered on and shut down in a very short time. You can use the sleep and restart options also. The Hibernate option is one of the most unique features of Windows 7. If you use the hibernate option, then your PC can restart from the condition it was before.

Features of The Application

All types of latest application can be installed and run to the computer in which Windows 7 is installed. It is compatible with the previous versions of Windows. That means you can use the applications, which are created for the Windows XP or Vista, on your computer if you have this product. To find any file from the drives of your computer, you can use the search bar provided by Windows 7. The search program is very fast and efficient.

microsoft windows 7 review

This operating system has achieved so much popularity because of its ease of use and some exclusive features. First considerable thing can be its easy installation process. If you have used the Windows XP operating system, then you will easily understand that the process of installing Windows 7 is easier and you will be able to install this more quickly. It provides the better desktop and the graphic resolution.

Some Advantages of This Product

Almost all the applications, which are created for the XP version, can easily be suitable with the Windows 7. This product of Microsoft can use to the computers of 32 bit or 64 bit processors. That is why you can install and run the latest quality software and application if you use Windows 7. One of the most useful features of this version is the easy Taskbar option which can use for closing any type of running applications on your computer. The System Tray is another innovative feature of this operating system.

You can use the User Account very easily which is another considerable feature. The search bar will help you to find any file on your computer very quickly. You can organize all the folders and files as you want. Aero-Shake Feature will allow you to focus only the necessary window among all the opened windows to the screen of your computer. When you will open focus on one window with the help of this feature then the remaining windows will minimize automatically.