Revealer Keylogger Review: Nice Computer Monitoring System

Computer system is very useful in our days. We have to use every section of the computer system for every perspective. We can’t ignore the facilities provided by the computer system.

It is such an effective platform that we can apply a lot of software programs. The activities of all the software programs are not same.

revealer keylogger Review

Revealer Keylogger and the Review

With the existing categories, the utility section is very essential for the users. Under this category, you can use many programs to get various functionalities. Among of these categories, the monitoring sector is a concerning one. It is such an effective program for the monitoring section. More than 8 million users are using this effective program from the whole world. All types of get the facilities for monitoring the activities of the employees and the children through this program.

The features under Revealer Keylogger

Revealer Keylogger approves some common features with the active facilities. These features are:

Conversation monitoring: Sometimes, the employees spend most of their time while browsing on the internet. To check over these activities you can apply this program. It ensures the powerful algorithm with the sequential application process. Because of the presence of this system, users can record almost every activity which has been typed on the specific keyboard. Within this category, the password section can also be scanned. But here you will need to face a few limitations. The password system for the social networking sites can’t be recovered.

Remote monitoring mood: You can establish the activities of this program from any remote place. You can control it through tablet PC, smart phone device and the related products. You can connect this controlling device to the client’s PC. The connection process can be managed through a LAN system or other processes. You can know the activities of the PC users through the text email system.

Revealer Keylogger

Screenshots system

The automatic system is available under Revealer Keylogger. You can watch over the activities with the systematic screenshots system. You can check over the screenshots by which you may know the activities which have been done on your PC. It acts like an active application. You can manage the scheduling system to ensure the screenshots.


Without the personal account number and the password system, you can retrieve almost all types of information collected through the keyboards. From this facility, your employees can’t hide anything from you and it’s assures the reliability of the product performance. You can manage the email receiving process at a single time and many times in a single day. Moreover, the activities of this program can be kept in the hidden mode for ensuring the privacy of the controller.