Envira Gallery Review: Avail Cool WordPress Based Sites

In the web industry, WordPress is a common one platform to develop any site for any developer. By depending on this, you can easily maintain any site in a quick process while maintaining other activities.

It can preview the images in the smart phone devices like the original look. It can load the corresponding images in a smooth way. Moreover, the controlling system of the image size is also enabled here.

Envira Gallery Review

EnviraGallery Review and the Summery of This

In the WordPress based sites, the gallery section addition process is a needed one term and it can be managed through the touch of EnviraGallery. EnviraGallery affords the way to ensure the term of managing the gallery section under any WordPress site without facing any complexities. It affords the simple and effective workflows in maintaining the galleries in the WordPress based sites.

The features included with this solution

The response format is an essential condition under any site. To enable this term, EnviraGallery is very helpful for the users. To maintain the gallery section in your WordPress site, EnviraGallery will offer the needed functions that will display the available images or other items in a sequential flow by controlling the response mechanism. It is able to maintain both the lightbox view and the gallery display.

Optimization format

In the optimization section under EnviraGallery, you will get some effective functions. It affords the way to create the available galleries almost in any section with the custom format. By using the flexible API, the users can create the available galleries for any specific post. Moreover, the available add-ons under Envira allow the way to manage the galleries through the sharing process and other conditions. In fact; the gallery section can be customized with the flexible drag and drop system. Due to this format, the uploading process of the image can be handled easily. After making any change in the gallery section, you can observe the corresponding change with live format.


Packages and the pricing condition offered by EnviraGallery

EnviraGallery offers four packages. These packages are: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Bronze package is available with the price of $19 whereas Silver package is issued through $49. Bronze package is issued for updating a single site and it offers unlimited gallery customization formats. After that, all these four packages include some common features like documentation access, supporting condition, priority based email supports, pre-package based theme and so on. The Gold and Platinum packages offer the update system for unlimited sites and Platinum includes lifetime supporting condition. Gold package can be purchased through $99 and the Platinum package is issued to the users with the price of $249.