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Standard Edition

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WinLock Discount

Sometimes you may allow others to access your computer, when that is connected to a network. In such a case, you may prefer not to let them access all the files and data. Some information can be extremely personal. WinLock can be used to lock such files and data for the unauthorized users.

Features and Review of WinLock

Normally, we use our computers to save some personal data and files. Sometimes, our relatives and friends access our computers and watch these files very easily. And, we feel embarrassed for that. Similarly, any browsing, computer system, and application related data can also expose some unwanted information. That is why, it is very important to restrict all these personal things. WinLock will help you to do so. This software will let you take control over various types of personal data and files. So, purchase with WinLock coupon and get the comprehensive windows security solution with discount in 2024.

Restricting Your System

In a computer system, various types of apps and programs may run. It is not necessary to let others know about these apps and programs. That is why, WinLock will let you disable the taskbar and control panel. We know that when we copy something, that is saved to the clipboard. If someone paste on any window, that copied item will be pasted. To solve this issue, you can use this software to disable the clipboard. Children control mode is another important feature of this software. You are allowed to set a time for the computer access of your children. After that time, the computer will automatically be locked.


Internet Access Controlling

By using a computer, a user can easily visit different types of websites. As an admin, you can easily restrict any kind of unnecessary websites. Then, no unauthorized person will be able to access that site again. Similarly, WinLock also has a software filter. It can block various types of games and downloaders. That means, no one will be able to use your internet connection for downloading any personal file. It can also block different types of messaging clients, so that an unauthorized user can not send any personal message. Similarly, it can block all kinds of CD burners to stop copying.

WinLock Discount and Pricing

The Standard License of WinLock is available every feature that is discussed till now. To purchase this one, you have to pay only $24.95 without any kind of promo code. Compared to this one, the Professional License of this product comes with more features and facilities. As per this post creating time, this software can be bought by paying only $31.95. As an additional feature, it provides a USB authentication facility. That means, it can restrict all kinds of unauthorized USD storage. Similarly, it has a remote locking system. You will be allowed to lock your device anytime with the help of WinLock Professional.

In such way, please take the reviewed comprehensive windows security solution with coupon in 2024 and obtain the WinLock discount.