MemberMouse Discount and Coupon Code

Get 15% MemberMouse discount in the form of cash rebate. To avail the offer for this plugin, please click through above link and email us (as per image). We will provide 15% cash back on the 1st Invoice.

MemberMouse Discount

Additional coupon code is not needed for this WordPress Membership plugin.

MemberMouse Plugin Reviews

There should be no doubt that member’s area is needed in all the professional quality websites. It is more important for the online business or sell sites. For dealing with large number of products and services, this is necessary. Suppose you have a WordPress site and their member area should be employed. All you need to do is to take help from the membership plugin. Among plenty of options, the MemberMouse is that tool that I can suggest. This powerful plugin has all the capability to maximize the number of sales. So you will get more revenue for this.

If you like MemberMouse coupon, just make sure to get the special pricing as mentioned. This will be provided through PayPal as discount. Some major points of it that can attract you are:

Impressive Customer Management

This product has the capability create checkout pages. You can use this to increase the size of mailing lists. For each of the customers, it can record the order histories, payment and refund histories. So you will be able to understand which members are more active. For various websites, the customer personal provides is very much needed. The advantage of this facility is, the admin does not need to update the customer information. MemberMouse provides the customer account system. So the members will get the power to update their own information. Self-configuring checkout is another huge advantage of MemberMouse.

MemberMouse Discount

WordPress Membership Plugin Functionality

The reporting facilities offered by this plugin are very impressive. It can provide the member activity logs and affiliate tracking reports. Sometimes you may need to provide gifting facilities to the premium members. This plugin will help you to do so. From your website, the customers would like to login to their social media accounts. That is why, MemberMouse can integrate the Google+, Facebook and Twitter with the targeted websites. Tax is another thing which should be applied for buying and selling goods. This plugin will perfectly work with the taxes for each of the sales in the future. This feature is will be integrated with this in the quickest possible time.

Coupon Code & Pricing

First, you have to choose how many members (attendance) you want to work with. Suppose, your target is 1000 to 10000 attendance. In that case, you can choose the MemberMouse Starter Plan. For 1000 members, the necessary price for this is $19.95 per month. For this, we will also provide above mentioned discount when the purchase is made and we receive email. With more powerful reporting suite, the Advanced Packages have been offered. It can be enjoyed by $99/month only. This is the pricing of maximum 50 thousand attendance. Premium Plan has come with two editions. One is for 100 thousand attendance. As per this post writing time, the monthly price for that is $299 without the promo code. Another edition is for dealing with unlimited number of attendance. In that case you have to pay $599 in each month. The pricing is mentioned in 2024 to 2019. The customers of this plan will get phone support from the MemberMouse support team.

The MemberMouse discount applies for any of the available plans: Starter, Advanced and Premium. So please have the benefit of this promo and purchase MemberMouse WordPress membership plugin in 2024.