TubeBuddy Discount and Coupon Code

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TubeBuddy discount

Many of us run different types of YouTube channels. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to maintain a number of YouTube channels manually. To solve this problem, TubeBuddy can be used. This impressive toolkit is capable of managing these channels with ease.

Features and Review of TubeBuddy

To run some YouTube channels, you have to deal with a large number of contents. These contents can also be useful for the promotional campaigns on different social media as well as websites. That is important tasks cannot be done manually in quick time. I am suggesting TubeBuddy for these tasks. This is a Chrome Extension which is very easy to use. Enjoy all the TB features with our discount coupon. The TubeBuddy coupon is going to make the toolkit really cheap. Plenty of features and facilities are offered by it. Some of these are:

Profit Pulling Videos

If you want to make any YouTube channel popular, it is very important upload attractive contents there. TubeBuddy is very much helpful for converting a normal video into an eye-catching content. This solution is capable of generating animated GIF from any part of your video. This feature is important for the email campaigns. From a big content, it can generate a small teaser animation which can be sent via emails.

Sometimes, these animations can also be embedded in a video of a YouTube channel. Sometimes it may be necessary to upload some clips on some social media. You cannot use any large content for this task. The animated GIFs generated by the TubeBuddy will be very much effective in this case. For adding different videos on your website, this tool will help to create necessary embedded codes.

Impressive TB Pricing Plans and Discount

There are three paid plans for the TubeBuddy and Pro Plan is one of these. It can be enjoyed by paying only $9 per month without any kind of promo code. This license is available with some basic features. But it does not provide the bulk processing tools. Star License of this Chrome extension offers these bulk processing tools. Some other important tools are also added to this license. As per 25 July 2017, the price of this license is only $19 per month.

TubeBuddy discount

TubeBuddy Legend is available for only 39 USD per month. This product offers some advanced features. For running a YouTube Channel very successfully, you may need to export some comments from one channel to another. This product will let you do that very easily. An auto-translator option is also added in it.

Some Advanced Features

The Star and Legend licenses of this extension are available with some advanced features. One of these is keyword rank tracking. For any keyword, this tool is capable of finding out the rank of any video. A video A/B testing facility is also available with this. Bulk processing capability is another important feature of the TubeBuddy. This tool is capable of updating the bulk playlists. Similarly, updating of bulk end screens can also be done with this. Both these licenses will offer an advanced scheduling facility.

Hence, please get the toolkit with our coupon in 2024. We believe that the TubeBuddy discount is going to impress you.