Talkia Discounts, Coupon Codes| July 2024 Promo

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Talkia Discount

Talkia Review and Features

Talkia is text to speech software that is capable enough to turn any text into speech in a short amount of time. The software has been designed uniquely so that anybody can use it and get benefited without facing any issues. It is realistic and the voices over of these videos are google friendly and easy to rank without any problems. It has advanced software that is enabled to convert any text into speech and make the videos engaging in the business. Accordingly, get the reviewed revolutionary text to speech software with discount and obtain the Talkia coupon.

Highlights of the Application

Talkia requires you to keep on typing whatever you are saying in videos and it automatically translates the videos on the site easily. Making different types of subtitles help a lot to increase the reach of the video on the social media site. People normally in social media sites like to watch videos without adding any kind of sound. As a result, if you do not add subtitles to the video, you tend to lose a lot of subscribers as well. So making the logical decision here plays a key role to optimize conversion. In addition to that, the program provides different types of options regarding adding subtitles. You can even customize the voice type and pitch of the voices.


You can customize, whether you want the voice to be deeper or thinner. Users can even adjust the speed which means you can the speed slower and make it easier for customers to understand. The software has male and female voices as well. With this Talkia people can add different types of background sound as well. It will help to refocus on the voice and make the voice-over more soothing to hear from everyone. It uses artificial intelligence to figure out the voices. Using artificial intelligence helps to produce unique voices.

Same Technology

Talkia uses technology as amazon and google and makes sure that the voice-overs are as realistic as possible. As a result, it will get easier to rank the site in the search engine faster and drive conversion and sales. The software is a MacBook and PC compatible. It means it is easy to adjust and use this application on any device to make voice-overs. It is easy to use for anybody whether they are new or professional, this program works efficiently for both cases in this factor.

Talkia Discount and Pricing

Talkia has 2 different packages at the moment. It has the basic package that is priced at only 39 dollars at the moment. The enterprise package is currently priced at only $69 except the discount. It comes with a lot of background music and commercial rights as well. So that you do not need to worry about using any kind of copyrighted content.

Therefore, please get with Talkia discount in 2024. In the conclusion, purchase the revolutionary text to speech software with coupon.