X.ai Discounts, Coupon Codes| July 2024 Promo

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X.ai Discount

A scheduler app is very much important in managing meetings with guests. Though there are lots of instant meeting scheduling apps, we suggest X.Ai for its impressive features and ease of use. It is a cost saving solution also.

Review of X.ai

There is no need to reach guests and clients for setting up a meeting anymore. An advanced meeting scheduler is capable of doing this task very quickly. All you need is to give the app certain instructions. X.ai a top quality scheduling app for setting up and managing meetings with a big number of guests. This is suggested to individuals, VIPs, and other professionals. So, get the reviewed responsive automates scheduling networks program with discount and obtain the X.ai coupon.

Connect Your Calendar

If a person is very busy with a lot of appointments, he must create a calendar. After creating that, he sets his days and time with lots of guests or clients. If you have such a calendar, then X.ai is even easier to use. Just connect the calendar with this platform and start scheduling with ease. Another useful way is to share a link containing the time schedule. Then, the team of this platform will inform that to all your guests very quickly. It also allows to share personalized links with guests. That means, each guest will see his name and mailing address to each schedule. They will get the feeling of being treated personally. As a result, participants will be happy to deal with you. Another great feature of x.ai is it allows every user to copy and paste different time options directly to emails. Then, guests will be allowed to choose their suitable time for the meeting.

Guest Coordinating

X.ai is not only helpful for the users, but also useful for guests. It is able to coordinate each guest to set their time for the meeting. Whenever, they choose a time, it will send you a response mail regarding the booking of a session. There can be multiple persons who may face a guest to a meeting. This solution helps deal with each of these persons so that the workload gets divided among them equally. Before reaching every guest, this solution will verify your meeting detail. That is why, it is very efficient in dealing with every appointment.

X.ai Discount and Pricing

There is a free license and two paid licenses of X.ai. Each of these paid editions can be enjoyed by paying monthly or yearly. Here, we have mentioned its monthly plans only. The Individual License is available for only $10 per month except the discount. It is able to deal with unlimited calendars. You can use customized signature for every schedule to give every guest a bit professional taste. Sometimes, you may need X.ai for an entire team. In such cases, its Team License should be purchased by paying only $15 per month. It supports custom logo and branding on every calendar page.

Therefore, please get with X.ai discount and buy the responsive automates scheduling networks program with coupon.