Stripo Discounts, Coupon Codes| July 2024 Promo

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Stripo Discount

In the days of online based money making, a lot of strategies are available. Among of them, email marketing is a popular one. Here, there are a lot of criteria for maintaining email campaigning process in a systematic process. Stripo is such a dependable one product in this case. Stripo is considered as a platform for creating email templates. It includes both drag-and-drop functionality as well as HTML email template building option. By using both of these options, users can simply create top quality and interactive emails. So, please take the reviewed powerful email template builder software with discount and obtain the Stripo coupon.

Review on Stripo

Stripo is a powerful one email template editor for the email marketers. With this, the users can simply create stunning email templates for their business purpose without having any HTML skills. All the email templates created by this platform can simply be optimized for any platform like mobile device, desktop etc. In this case, they can make any specific change for the mobile templates. This is a global tool having 7 language interfaces like English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and Ukrainian. Therefore, you will get the option to integrate with the most popular email service providers in an automatic way.


Core Characteristic in This

If you are worried about creating professional email templates in a quick basis, then Stripo is the right solution for you. This tool is very simple and user friendly to use. Mobile optimization facility by default condition is an outstanding one condition within this tool. So, the templates created by this will be totally user-friendly. Here, there is also an option for re-use basis custom module.

Available Features Covered Here

ESP integration is highly effective inside this product. Therefore, you will find the feature of the pixie basis image editor, email templates, custom fields etc. Then, some free stock images can be found within this which will help you to create amazing templates. As it offers drag-and-drop functionality, so there is no complexity about manual editing processes. After that, advanced level HTML and CSS editor can also be found in this. Last of all, it also includes developer API options which is really essential for the developer side.

Stripo Discount and Pricing

Stripo offers three different plans. These are: Free, Business and Agency. Here, Free version is mainly valid for the trail basis. Other two plans can be purchased both monthly billing process or annual billing process. Let’s take a look at the monthly billing at the very beginning. In this case, Business plan asks $12.50/month excluding the discount, whereas Agency plan asks $40/month. Now, if you want to ensure the payment process through annual billing, then you need to pay $10.42/month for Business plan and $33.33/month for Agency plan. Here, Business plan is suitable for beginners, small business owners, marketers and the designers whereas Agency plan is suitable for the freelancers, agencies and the professional teams.

Finally, please get with Stripo discount. Afterall purchase the powerful email template builder software with coupon.