StoryXpress Coupons, Discount Codes | July 2024 Promo

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StoryXpress Coupon

For the online marketing activities, content is an essential term. If anyone can’t ensure proper content, then there are few chances to grab a massive amount of traffic as well as the leads. But in these recent days, video-based content is getting more popular rather than text contents. For creating professional video files with innovative contents, you need to depend on some powerful software solutions. StoryXpress is such a tool in this category. StoryXpress is a cloud-based service for video creation which enables any marketer to create promotional videos while using photos, audios, video clips, text etc. So, please buy the reviewed powerful cloud-based video platform with coupon and avail the StoryXpress discount.

Review on StoryXpress

For making stunning videos with a professional look, StoryXpress is such a dependable one solution. This software is really helpful for the business organizations who want to establish a long-lasting-relationships through videos. This platform is suitable for the sales team, marketers and video professionals. This tool will enable you about how to make amazing videos which can simply grab a huge amount of leads. This platform is valid not only for the video creation but also for the video hosting tasks.


Core Activities of This Solution

In order to make videos from the very scratch, StoryXpress is highly dependable. This all in one application allows any user to make innovative videos without having any previous experience. For making brand video or the product videos, this tool can support you a lot. For making personalized videos for a wide range of audience, here you will get some supportive options. This strategy will help you to engage the customer’s attention in a quick way.

Products and The Features

StoryXpress offers almost 4 different products. These products are: Recorder – Clapboard, video hosting, creator and API. Inside all these products, you will find some common features. Among of them, the crucial one is editing process of existing video or the new one. Therefore, you will also observe social sharing, audio tools, brand overlay and such related terms. Here, you will get the option of media library which can support you to manage the proper editing process. Moreover, users will also find HD resolution-based file upload, text overly, video capture etc.

StoryXpress Coupon and Pricing

First, consider the Recorder option of StoryXpress. Here, you can pay either monthly condition or Yearly condition. Inside Recorder, you will need to pay $0/month for the free plan (monthly condition), $10/user/month for the Recorder Lite plan (monthly charge) and $49/user/month for Recorder Pro plan (monthly) without the promo code. Next, take a look at Hosting section. In this section, you will also get two different payment options. In this category, $0/month is needed for Hosting Free plan (monthly payment), $199/month for Hosting Plus plan (monthly) and Custom/month for the Enterprise plan. For Yearly payment, you will have to pay a minimum charge while comparing with monthly payment.

Therefore, please get with StoryXpress coupon and avail the powerful cloud-based video platform with discount.