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Moosend Discount

Review of Moosend

Moosend delivers tools for automating email marketing to allow an accelerated growth in users’ business and profession. Users can get their free Moosend account by providing their email credentials, where every single feature will become accessible. There are also services with added payments as well, but it’ll be discussed later onto the review. When users will first open the application, they will be guided towards the campaign editor. The editor is made simple and easily understandable so that everybody learns the mechanisms without too much confusion. There are different designs of elements, and structure inside the editor which uses the drag-and-drop functions. The settings option allows users to manipulate their campaign by aligning it on different directions, fixing width, and adjusting padding. Hence, gain the reviewed email marketing automation software with discount and obtain the Moosend coupon.

Email Management

Moosend provides customizable sign up forms that are aimed at helping users build their client lists without putting extra effort. Everything the users need to know about their clients will be given by them when they fill up the forms. The forms are flexible as users can edit and put their websites or business pages to redirect the subscribed audiences. Emails can be segmented to be delivered in a more intelligent manner for ensuring high open rates. This is done by cutting out all irrelevant contents, and putting only what the customers are expecting to see. Subscribers’ personal data such as their birth dates, size of their apparel and many more are collectable for future retargeting.


Automations, and Analytics

Moosend relives users from their day to day repetitive tasks by solving it with multi-optioned automation systems. To greet and improve relation with customers, greeting emails will be delivered, following up with instruction mail prior next day. Every time customers don’t complete a purchase by forgetting items in their cart, confirmation mails are sent after thirty minutes. The potential to multiplying Click Through Rates have increased by a huge margin because of the click map tool. This software’s analytics allow users to see click map of all customers to view their original preferences and demands. Monitoring subscribers’ activity, based on location, over time periods and campaign progresses are made convenient with the activity feature.

Moosend Discount and Price Plans

Moosend’s plans are purchasable with monthly fee and are customizable to suit user’s payment capabilities. Firstly, three months free of charge usage is guaranteed for everyone who creates a Moosend account. For emailing minimum of five thousand subscribers is $10, whereas ten thousand, and twenty-five thousand subscribers is $40 and $80 excluding the discount. The same services for the 6-month plan saves fifteen percent of charge while the yearly plan saves twenty percent fee. If users have more than twenty five thousand subscribers, they can use the slider to set the exact amount. The slider will auto-calculate the pricing depending on the subscribers selected.

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