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SafeShare Discount

Safeshare Review and Benefits

Safeshare is an application that will help you to share content on websites from YouTube and Vimeo without adding any kind of YouTube Ads. You can simply rely on this application to add YouTube videos in your website classroom or any vlog. As a result, the viewers will see the YouTube videos without any kind of disruptions or any kind of issues. Therefore, you can see the smooth video play. In such way, get the reviewed YouTube & Vimeo videos sharing software with discount and obtain the SafeShare coupon.

Highlights of the Application

For those who are conducting online classes due to pandemic, this application can be really useful. You can simply only include those parts of the videos that you want to share in the classroom. Safeshare has trimming facilities that allow you to trim the video and only show the parts of the videos that are important. So, these trimming facility cuts downs the need for you to fast forward the video to the point you want. For example, you are teaching an online class where you want to show a video related to eCommerce business grows, there are many business documentaries on YouTube. You may do not have enough time to fast forward all of it to reach the point that you want to show to your class. With this application, you can trim only the part from the documentaries that are relevant to your class.


In addition to that, if you are running an online business website, this can be helpful as in the website if you are writing a blog, you want your viewers to see only the part which is relevant to your blog. Using Slideshare will help you to showcase that only. You can share all these videos on YouTube or Vimeo in Google classroom with just clicks. You do not need to face a lot of hassle and going through multiple web pages to share the videos. It saves a lot of time for you.

Privacy Settings

Slideshare also allows you to set up the privacy settings of the videos. This specific feature can be really helpful for the parents. Parents will not need to do anything to keep the YouTube videos safe for kids. You can simply set up privacy with safe share so that your kids only watch appropriate content. YouTube has its Kids version for the kids; however, this has been considered far from failproof as it has its loopholes. In this case, using Slideshare can be a safe bet for the parents.

SafeShare Discount and Pricing

Slideshare currently offers up to 2 types of plans. It has a plan for singles that has the price for the premium package of 4.99 dollars per month. For all the plans the price has been set at only 4.49 dollars per month except the discount. Both of the packages will allow you to create playlists.

Therefore, please obtain with SafeShare discount. In the conclusion, buy the YouTube & Vimeo videos sharing software with coupon.