PushMaze Discounts, Coupon Codes| July 2024 Promo

Avail 5% cashback providing as the PushMaze discount. Please see following PM image for this discount process.

PushMaze Discount

Connecting with users, subscribers, and customers is very important. People use push notification systems to connect them. Pushmaze is a very useful software to create and send these contents.

Review of Pushmaze and Features

People uses thousands of dollars for getting push messaging services. The most of these services charge a specific fee for every message or for every user. As these are very costly, most of the marketers cannot afford these. We suggest Pushmaze to solve this issue. This amazing push notification system is powered by Firebase Cloud Messaging. Lots of important features are offered by it. Thus, please take the reviewed self hosted mobile & web push notifications software with discount in 2024 and have the PushMaze coupon.

Scheduled Notifications

You don’t have to create and send every notification manually. Pushmaze has a scheduled notification system. You just have to set a specific time for sending these messages. Then, it will automatically send these to the audience. And, the audience will get more engaged. Instead of using an ordinary tool, it is always better to have a self-hosted software. This software is a self-hosted one. And, it will let you access all the necessary data. There are some tools that can broadcast text notifications only. But, texts are not high-converting. You have to make every push message more attractive. That is why, Pushmaze is capable of adding suitable images with every notification. You don’t have to face any difficulty while adding images. Just a few clicks are enough to do so.


Easy Segmenting

Dealing with every user in the same way is not a very good option. Expert marketers always create different segments of users or subscribers depending on their performances. This software is helpful for identifying their actions and for creating multiple groups. Then, it helps send relevant notifications to them. Another important thing is, almost every push notification software can work either with web based or mobile push messages. Pushmaze is able to work with both. That is why, you can target all the computer and mobile phone users. Instead of working alone, some marketers need to take the help of their colleagues. This software supports multiple users to fulfill such needs.

PushMaze Discount and Pricing

Pushmaze is a self-hosted platform that runs on a web server. Sometimes, this kind of software requires monthly or yearly recurring fees. That is why, lots of users cannot afford these. This one has no such issues. It can be bought by paying only $179 once except the discount. Then, you will be able to use it for a lifetime. This tool is able to work with unlimited users. That means, unlimited profits can easily be earned by using it. Pushmaze is helpful for creating necessary reports. In doing so, importing and exporting will be required. You will be able to do so with ease. The limited time notification creating is another great feature of this software.

Therefore, kindly get with PushMaze discount. Afterall, please avail the self hosted mobile & web push notifications software with coupon in 2024.