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MagneticOne discount

MagneticOne and Its Products

In the software industry, MagneticOne is a popular name to the users. It offers all of renowned software programs in the ecommerce section. To manage the corresponding store, all the supportive solutions and the tools are offered from this platform. With the helpful tools, the users will be able to manage the extended format of export and the import system. Besides, the integration process with ICEcat and QuickBooks can be allowed through this. For the Magento commerce section and Zen Cart, it offers some innovative solutions. So, please purchase the powerful innovative & improve SEO ranking software with discount and avail MagneticOne coupon.

The available products under MO

Magento commerce: To ensure the growing up process store conversion in a professional way, this can be applied. It includes all the needed Magento services and the add-ons. They can be configured under the Magento store in a quick process. It maintain the best profit, this assures some built-in functions.

Zen cart: For getting the solutions for the Zen cart stores, MagneticOne can be applied. With the support of this solution, you will be able to maintain the positive performance in the store conversion process.

VirtualMart Stores: All the virtual mart add-ons can be installed in the virtualmart stores in a simple and quick process. While using this, you don’t need to apply the addition plug-in and the functions. The primary purpose of any business solution is the desired profit and it can be gained through this solution.

MagneticOne discount

MagneticOne services and Discount

E-Commerce Dashboard: The dashboard section is very flexible to make any store more effective integration process of various shopping carts. To keep the concentration on the online store with full activities, this is very helpful for the users.

Cart2Cart: This online service helps the users to move the corresponding data from any shopping cart to another in a simple way. In fact; this migration process is handled through some sequential steps. All users just move the numerous products, customers and the target platform by issuing the corresponding URL. Through the data migration process, there is no chance to lose the essential data. The migration process is performed on the dedicated servers under the Amazon Elastic Cloud.

File2Cart: MagneticOne is mainly developed for moving the corresponding data to the desired shopping cart from any file. The simple transfer process can be performed from .xml, .txt and .csv file. Moreover, it is supportive for more than 35 carts. This format helps the users to control the data in the transfer method.

Shopping cart Diagnostics: This online service helps the online store owners to fix out the errors in a quick process. To find out the solution it uses some needed steps and after that it previews the errors in a reporting format.

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