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Lodgix coupon

Review on Lodgix

Lodgix is an online based vocational rental management software. With this software you can easily book and manage the guests online. This makes all your vacation plan cool and simple. There is a property manager which has 100+ property under management. So this unique software will book for yourself and also will make your life easier and comfortable.

They have their own vocational rental available besides booking vocational rental. They also can judge the market of value and also the guest as well. As a result, you get a surety to get a fair price for booking. They keep their reputation by using the true words. You will always get notified about your booking. Lodgix is packed with a bunch of features though this software is very much easy and comfortable to use. There are no difficulties in the interface as anyone will enjoy using the software. So, please get the Vacation Rental Property Management Software with coupon and avail Lodgix discount in 2024.

Features of the software

This software has some really cool feature as maintaining a good reputation all over. The features are really effective as a management software. The first of all features is the interface of the software. The interface is built as web based as a result any device with active internet connection directly can access to the software. Also the interface is built simple and normal considering all kinds of users. One of the best feature of this software is inquiries. Now a day’s people want to learn from his own interest instant. So thinking of that this software has built an instant answer on inquiry. Also this software is available for autosuggest on other property, quote when necessary, tracking into the bookings, and establishing a final report.

Lodgix coupon

It has an automated communication system which is also an attractive feature. The owner of the property will be notified with email and instant text message before, while, after staying as a guest. Alerts may trigger with the arrival date, departure date, invoice status, payment or an individual date of the month. There is an automated invoice creator which creates any document from the guest contact and the data from the software. It has a plugin available for WordPress too. So there’s nothing much more about worrying. There is a fully automatic report making and analyzing system. With those you can create any report easily without much effort. This software has a plugin for credit card processing.

Lodgix software can process the payment from the credit card to your booking reservation. As it provides credit card processing, it also has a tough security to protect all the data and credit card information. It has its own data security protection. As of thinking other booking portal, this software also has an online booking system. You can directly book from the online.

Price of the software and Coupon

The software has the value as per property booking. From property 1-7 its $29.99 – $39.99. For 8-20 properties it is $49.99 – $69.99. For 21-40 its $84.99 – $99.99. For 41-60 properties its $119.99 – $139.99. For above 70 the price is $179.99.

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