LinkTube Discounts, Coupon Codes| July 2024 Promo

Avail 25% cashback providing as the LinkTube discount. Please see following LT image for this discount system.

LinkTube Discount

We often need to boost our social and video channels. In doing so, we use multiple tools. Instead of that, it is possible to do all the things with a single solution. The name of that solution is LinkTube. This tool is able to drive a big traffic to all your social content.

Review of LinkTube and Features

Though there are various tools that help gain more traffic on social content, LinkTube is something different. This software offers an easy way to boost all social profiles and content. In doing so, you just have to create a smartpage. To create that page, this software offers necessary themes. Each page has an easy way to add all types of social accounts. This software comes with tons of amazing features. Accordingly obtain the reviewed webextension addon based multiple links creation tool with discount and avail the LinkTube coupon.

Connect Audience

One of the most important features of LinkTube is its ability to connect audience everywhere. There is no need to purchase separate tools for driving traffic to YouTube, social pages, product pages, or blogs. This single tool is capable of doing all these things. More importantly, you don’t have to face any complexity while connecting audience. A single URL is enough for that. It is a fact that creating an authoritative Instagram Bio is very important to offer multiple choices to the followers. This software is capable of creating an authoritative Instagram Bio with ease. LinkTube provides a customizable page. This smartpage will let you add necessary colors, fonts, and background images. Another very important thing is, you will be able to add custom videos and thumbnails. There are several other tools that support only a few links on a page. But, this one will let you add any number of links.


Easily Discoverable

There are several advantages of creating smartpages. A top quality smartpage is able to show people all your social presence. Hence, the targeted content gets a bigger audience. You don’t have to spend hours to set up a page. Rather than that, only a few seconds are enough to do so if you have LinkTube. Even, no fee should be paid for the traffic. This software is compatible with various types various third party apps. Some of these apps are Google Sheet, MailCHimp, and Zapier. It allows to add tracking pixels with ease.

LinkTube Discount and Pricing

This solution comes with two licenses, each of which is very much affordable. The Lite License of LinkTube can be bought by paying only $43 excluding the discount. This one is suitable if you want to create a single smartpage. It supports 10 thousand tracked links. But, we suggest to purchase the Elite License that supports five smartpages. To purchase this one, only $49 should be spent. Another important thing is, you will be able to work with 25 thousand tracked links by using it. Both these licenses of LinkTube allow to add more than 105 social profiles. And, this software allows to add messengers and phone numbers directly.

Therefore, please gain with LinkTube discount and get the webextension addon based multiple links creation tool with coupon.