LeadPal Discounts, Coupon Codes| July 2024 Promo

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LeadPal Discount

Though there are various types of online lead generation tools, only a few tools are very easy to handle. LeadPal is one of the easiest lead generation app for everybody. It is capable of generating leads from various social media.

Review of LeadPal

There is no doubt that the social media have become a part of our life. We use these platforms to communicate with others and share our views. At the same time, these platforms are used for generating high quality email leads. That means, online marketers are using these platforms to promote and sell their products and services. You have to use a reliable software to find out these social leads. LeadPal is a great tool in doing so. Its affordable price and top quality features can attract any online marketer. Hence, get the reviewed lead generation cloud based software with discount and avail the LeadPal coupon.

Verified Leads

There are so many tools that can collect email leads from different social networks. Generally, you have to check the validity of these leads after collecting these. Sometimes, marketer purchase a separate tool for checking this kind of validity. LeadPal comes with a better solution. It automatically collects verified email leads. And, only a single click is enough to do this entire process with this app. It supports a big number of platforms to collect these emails. Some of these platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Amazon, and Google, etc. After collecting these leads, a synchronization with a reliable email marketing tool is necessary. LeadPal supports different autoresponder or email marketing platforms. Some of these platforms are GetResponse, MailChimp, Zapier, and Constant Contact, etc.


Zero Tech Skill

You don’t have to use any kind of technical skills to use this software. That is why, newbies will love working with it. As this tool can collect leads from visitors with a single click, there will be more opt-ins. Sometimes, you may need to share opt-in links on various social platforms, websites, and ad platforms. LeadPal allow to do so very easily. You may ask for an optin from visitors to see lead magnets. This software is very helpful in doing so. It is also possible to use this tool as a popup on any site.

LeadPal Discount and Pricing

If your target is to collect up to 3000 leads, then the Lite Edition of LeadPal is enough. This one is available for a one-time fee of $62 without any kind of promo code. Every Lite License includes 5 popup domains and 50 reminder popups. And, there is a free training facility also. This license is not suitable for collecting leads from Microsoft, Yahoo, and Apple. To collect leads from these platforms, you have to use the Premium License of LeadPal. Its one-time fee is only $67. It supports 5000 leads and 10 popup domains. You will also enjoy a commercial right with this license.

Therefore, please gain with LeadPal discount. Eventually, purchase the lead generation cloud based software with coupon.