Hive Discounts, Coupon Codes| July 2024 Promo

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Hive Discount

Hive Review and Features

Hive is programs that have been designed analytics and provide a report to the users according to the project flow.  It will allow users to design custom workflow and automotive routine tasks for easy access. The program also provides users with the chance to combine many projects in one place. So that it will decrease a lot of waiting time for the users and users will be able to manage projects much more efficiently and easily. Thus, acquire the reviewed powerful project management software with discount and obtain the Hive coupon.

Benefits of the Program

Hive projects can be sorted by team members, departments and companies as well. The programs have action templates that will enable the users to save time and repeat the task every day seamlessly. The program has a personal to-do list which enables the users to maintain the checklist easily based on the projects. The approval and proof can really be simplified using this application. The simplification will allow the users to assign a project, provide proof or even sharing feedback as well.


The program also provides a big dashboard as well. The dashboard will help users to get an in-depth analysis of the progress on their project. It will help users to know the speed of the project and how the group is performing for the project. It will also provide insight into which group is underperforming and way behind their deadline for the project. So that users can push that specific group to optimize the time of the project. Users can track down the time that is spent on the project. Tracking down the time will help users to understand the resource location as well. The program also has a project planning time tracking system. So that users can even know whether how much time is spent on project planning as well.

Timesheets Review

Hive provides the timesheets to the users so that users can know their progress according to the time spent in the app. The program has easy integration as users will be able to integrate the application with Google Drive, Sales force and many other integration as well. The program provides notification on projects without opening the browser even. Users also can access the workplace and work with team members easily with this application as well. Users can share the file as well with this application with others.

Hive Discount and Pricing

Hive has the annual price that priced at only 12 dollars without any kind of promo code. Even if the users want to select specific benefits to enjoy, users can purchase for those facilities too. If users want to purchase a custom analytics facility only, it will be priced at only 6 dollars. Time management and resourcing of the program is priced at only 8 dollars. If users want to purchase proofing ad approval, it is going to cost only 3 dollars.

Therefore, please gain with Hive discount and purchase the powerful project management software with coupon in 2024.