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GanttPro Discount

Project management is a complex one task if you are organizing a large project having multiple schemes as well as the conditions. Here, if you can’t handle every single task in a systematic and organized way, then there is no chance to achieve targeted goals. In most cases, the beginner level users face a lot of complexities. In order to eliminate all these hassles, GanttPRO is a powerful one solution. GanttPRO is a project management tool which runs its activities through online basis depending on Gantt charts. This powerful solution is used by more than 500K+ projects, team leaders, product managers, CEOs and other related managers. In such way, please take the reviewed powerful online Gantt chart software with discount and avail the GanttPro coupon.

Review on GanttPRO

For managing your project in a furnished way, GanttPRO is highly suitable for you. This tool occupies all the powerful conditions for maintaining every single term which is related to project management tasks. This solution has been developed with the goal of simplifying your current workflow. This solution has the capability to improve the collaboration as well as the communication skill. With this, project managers can simply track down the condition of current progress of your running project.


Why This Solution?

For capturing a detailed overview at a time about any project, GanttPRO is really essential. It acts as a breeze between the project managers and the available employees. It allows the proper way to synchronize your business plan, reports and the presentations. For conducting your project management task more sophisticated and user friendly, this tool is just an awesome platform for you. The most crucial part of this product is the visualization one. This term can easily be demonstrated by the support of this solution.

Active Features Offered Here

GanttPRO enables a wide range of features which are directly or indirectly related to project management. Here, you will observe drag and drop interface with automatic scheduling. Therefore, the task management term is also offered here. The next one is in progress tracking. The essential part is resource management. This section is controlled here with the advanced level criteria. Therefore, you will observe expense management, group creation, permission setup and related tasks. Moreover, users will also find real-time notifications, critical path issues, milestone dependency and so on terms.

GanttPro Discount and Pricing

GanttPRO offers three different plans. These are: Individual, Team and Enterprise. As a beginner one, you can depend on Individual plan. In order to get this, you need to pay $15/user/month (billed annually) except the discount. The next one is Team, which offers user basis pricing condition. For 5 users, it asks $8.90/user/month, whereas for 50 users you will have to pay $6/user/month. The last one which is Enterprise plan is mainly valid for the professional purpose. If you need to add more than 100 users, then this plan is suitable and it depends on query basis pricing.

Finally, please buy with GanttPro discount and get the powerful online Gantt chart software with coupon.