CookieLessAds Discounts, Coupon Codes | July 2024 Promo

Get CookieLessAds discount as 25% cash back. Please check the following image for discount.

CookieLessAds discount

Instead of using the same ads to convince all the audiences, you should use right ads to the right audiences. In doing so, a proper retargeting system is necessary. CookieLessAds offers an impressive system to do so.

Review of CookieLessAds

There are two major things in advertising campaigns. First of all, your ads should be very attractive. And secondly, each ad should be shown to the right audience. Generally, every marketer tries to create convincing ads. But, they forget the second thing. As a result, their ads cannot get success. An advanced retargeting system is necessary to solve this issue. CookieLessAds offers such a system. Get the software using our offered discount. Grab the CookieLessAds coupon now. Its major features are as follows:

Easy Dashboard

You don’t have to face any difficulty while setting up and using CookieLessAds. Even, no coding experience or a big learning curve is necessary to use it. Creating a cookieless campaign can be completed within a few minutes. Instead of working with the same ad over and over again, this solution will let you work with multiple ads at a time. That is why, more time will be saved. You have to complete only three steps to set this thing up. There is nothing to install. Just log in to this cloud based app first, and connect your FB pixel. Then, you will be offered a code. Then, paste this code on anywhere of your store, funnel, or blog. Just after that, CookieLessAds will start targeting a big number of prospects.


Unlimited Possibilities

Unlike other similar tools, CookieLessAds works with unlimited possibilities. So, you can integrate unlimited Facebook Pixel and Ad accounts to this solution. With the help of these codes, it is possible to generate unlimited campaigns. An impressive conversion tracking system is added here. This built in tool allows to create multiple conversion codes. These conversion codes will work with various retargeting attributes. One of the biggest advantages of CookieLessAds is its capability to bypass adblockers and iOS14 restrictions. This feature is responsible for improving the performance of every ad campaign. Similarly, it also improves the tracking results. Compared to other tools, it is more effective because of its cookie lifetime extension. As a result, you can retarget the audience up to 360 days.

CookieLessAds Discount & Pricing

We have mentioned a small number of features of this solution. You don’t have to pay a big price to grab all these features along with so many others. Its regular fee is only $97 without the discount in 2024. But now, you can access it by paying only $37.20. There is a money back guarantee for 30 days. So, you don’t have to worry about its performance. Lots of hidden features are offered by CookieLessAds. For example, it provides a built in image editor. You can use this editor to generate and customize eye-catching images. As it offers commercial rights, you will be able to use this software to serve your clients.

Hence, please get the retargeting software using our coupon here. We hope the CookieLessAds discount will be helpful for you.