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Calqulate Discount

All kinds of companies related finance, growth, and revenue related calculations. All these types of calculations can be made with a single solution named Calqulate. It is a combination of growth metrics, cash flow management, forecasting, and financial reporting tools.

Review of Calqulate

Investors often need to see different metrics and forecasts regarding any business before and after their investments. You have to make these things ready in a quick time. It is not a cost effective way to depend on multiple tools to calculate all these things. Calqulate is a single solution that can perform all kinds of calculation regarding growth, finance, and revenue. This is a low-cost product also. Accordingly obtain the reviewed powerful financial analytics platform with discount and get the Calqulate coupon.

Growth Metrics

The growth forecasting is important for all kinds of subscription and SaaS businesses. Calqulate provides Growth Metrics for this important task. It is capable of forecasting each and every KPIs and metrics that are necessary to be monitored for a business. More than 100 integrations are available here to collect customer and revenue related data. These data are suitable for forecasting revenue growth rate. Annual revenue per account can also be calculated by using it. Economics related forecasting is another great feature of Calqulate. By using this feature, it will let you calculate the lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, and different ratios. A built in currency conversion facility has made this solution even more effective. You will also enjoy its cash flow management features.


Financial Reporting

Final analytics are very important to forecast the revenue. With the help of Financial Reporting solution of Calqulate, you will be able to create and analyze all types of financial reports. This solution can be integrated with different accounting software. Similarly, it is suitable to work with different payment systems. Normally, every company has a lot of employees. You may need to fix a target for them for each month. This solution is capable of showing the monthly recurring revenue to indicate whether the monthly target has been fulfilled. Different types of calculations can be done by using it. For example, you can calculate the gross margin and lifetime value.

Calqulate Discount and Pricing Plans

Calqulate has multiple plans. These plans are different in terms of price and facilities. For example, its Grow Plan contains each and every feature related to growth metrics. You have to pay only €99 per month in a yearly payment system without any kind of promo code. If you want to get the cash flow management features, then it Accelerate Plan is a suitable one. At the same time, it also offers different forecasting facilities. Its monthly cost is only EUR 249. The Boost Plan of Calqulate is more feature rich. Its monthly cost is only €429. Staff costs analysis and financial reporting are its advanced features. All the basic features are also available in it.

Therefore, please purchase with Calqulate discount. In the conclusion, get the powerful financial analytics platform with coupon.