BigSpy Discounts, Coupon Codes| July 2024 Promo

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BigSpy Discount

Before making profitable ad campaigns, it is very important to spy on other popular ads. In doing so, an ad spy tool is necessary. BigSpy is one of the top options in this case. This one is suitable for working with multiple platforms.

Review of BigSpy and Benefits

There are lots of successful ad agencies. You may need to create such a successful agency. Similarly, even a bigger number of people need to launch successful ads for their own products or services. No matter what is the reason for posting online ads, you must use an ad spy software first. Though there are various tools that can help in doing so, we suggest BigSpy for its top quality features and affordability. Hence, please take the reviewed fb & social media advertising spy tool with discount and obtain the BigSpy coupon.

Powerful Search

As this software is able to work with different platforms, it literally has a very big database. You will be able to find out ads by inserting suitable keywords. There are several other tools that can bring such results. But, the most of these tools require several minutes to do so. BigSpy can show the results in a quicker fashion. Finding out related ads is not the only important thing. You have to find know various info regarding every ad. This software allows to track different info, including likes, shares, downloads, and current positions, etc. That means, BigSpy is helpful in copying any ad depending on its success. Similarly, this software has a very impressive ad filtering option so that you can get a short and desired list.


Featured Ads

Every day, there can be different types of trending ads. Depending on these trends, your strategies should be different. There is no need to find out these trends by purchasing another trend analyzing software. BigSpy has an intelligence that is able to track these trending ads each day. It also able to bring out new ad ideas that are used by the marketers. You can use these ideas to generate amazing ads in any niche. This software can also work as per your preferences.

BigSpy Discount and Pricing

You can purchase BigSpy by spending a little money for professional ad campaigns. In that case, there are two options. The Basic License can be bought by paying only USD 9 per month. It will let you make 25 queries per month. More importantly, along with Facebook, Instagram Ads can be tracked by using this license. Sometimes, you may need to work with other platforms, including Yahoo, Twitter, and Pinterest. To deal with these platforms, the Pro License is recommended. You have to spend only USD 99 to access this license. It supports unlimited daily queries and monthly searches. More importantly, it supports a bigger number of people tracked and my tracked ads. Every user of it gets a better email and online support from the BigSpy support team.

So, Please buy with BigSpy discount and get the fb & social media advertising spy tool with coupon in 2024.