Analisa Discounts, Coupon Codes| July 2024 Promo

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Analisa Discount

Instagram and TikTok are great platforms for promoting anything. In doing so, you have to use a tool to analyze profiles and trends on these platforms. Analisa is a great choice for such analyze.

Review of Analisa

Along with Facebook, people use Instagram and TikTok more commonly than many other social platforms. Hence, these two popular platforms are suitable for social media marketing. Before staring such campaigns, you must use a professional software to analyze and research these platforms. We recommend Analisa for this task. It is suitable for newcomers and professional marketers. So, get the reviewed AI-powered Instagram & TikTok social analytics tool with discount and obtain the Analisa coupon.

Profile Analysis

While dealing with any Instagram or TikTok marketing campaign, it is very important to analyze own profiles. At the same time, you have to analyze profiles of competitors also. Analisa is able to do both these tasks with great efficiency. Similarly, it is capable of analyzing hashtags as well. Follower analysis is another great feature of this software. Sometimes, we see a profile getting millions of followers. But, the owners do not know much about their followers. For any marketing project, knowing about followers is very important. That is why, Analisa is able to find out different properties of followers. For example, it is capable of finding out the location of each follower. Then, it creates different group of them as per their locations. Similarly, it can create separate groups of followers depending on their age, gender, and other properties.


Advanced Reporting

After collecting various important data, there is no need to create reports manually. This software has an advanced reporting facility. It is able to create and save reports in both the CSV and PDF formats. More importantly, each of these reports will be customizable. Analisa can analyze historical data. It does so for every post. That is why, you will be able to uncover insights without taking the help of other tools. Real-time analytics is another great feature of this software. By using this feature, it is capable of finding out the engaging rate of any post in real time. Then, you can easily take further decisions regarding that post.

Analisa Discount and Pricing Plans

Analisa comes with one free plan and three paid plans. All these plans support unlimited profiles and hashtags. But, the Basic Plan, which is free of cost, can work with 6 recent posts only. The Premium License is available for only USD 59.35 per month. It is capable of dealing with maximum 5 thousand posts for each profile of Instagram and TikTok. Its Plus and Pro Plans are available for only USD 109.35 and USD 199.35 per month respectively except the discount. Both these licenses of Analisa have a demographic analytics facility. The Plus Plan supports 10 tokens per month for such facility, whereas, the other one supports 25 tokens. Both these plans include an advanced reporting feature.

Therefore, please buy with Analisa discount. Eventually, get the AI-powered Instagram & TikTok social analytics tool with coupon in 2024.