Aweber Review and Obtain Exclusive Pricing On Products

For every email marketing campaign, the email list is very important. Hence, for such tool like Aweber it is very important to consider how the email list can be imported.

This Email Marketing Solution will be very helpful for providing the supports to the customers of your business. Its auto-responder tool is very impressive.

Aweber Review


Email Marketing Solution Aweber and Review

When you will target for very effective email marketing, you have to select very efficient email marketing solution. Though there are so many options available, Aweber is one of the oldest and still a very popular one. As it is a very successful solution and still its popularity is increasing, it offers so many things. All the features of this fabulous solution are not equally important, but all can be necessary. In this short review, we have highlighted the main features and pricing of this email marketing tool.

Highly Important Features

This solution offers very easy ways to import the mailing list. After importing the targeted list very easily, you will be able to start sending messages very quickly. That means, you can send the replies to the subscribers instantly by using the Aweber. The delivery rates of the other email marketing solutions are not so high. But that of this solution is enough for handling email marketing campaign of various sizes.


Main Advantages

One of the main advantages of the Aweber is its newsletter creating and editing facilities. The email or newsletter creating interface of this solution is to drag and drop type. So you can create professional quality newsletters very quickly. Similarly you can edit previously created newsletters. The subscriber segmenting option of this email marketing solution is very impressive. According to the activities of the subscribers, you can choose them very easily. Aweber also offers Email Marketing Tracking facility.

Attractive Pricing Plans

You can accept any of the pricing plans of Aweber among Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. Each of these plans has some similar resources. For example, every plan includes more than 700 different email templates. Those templates are of HTML based. The subscription forms can be created by this solution very easily. All the features discussed above are integrated in all these three plans. You may think how the plans are different from each other. If you choose the Monthly plan, then you have to pay 19 USD as of 09 January 2015. The price of the Quarterly and Yearly Plans are respectively 49 USD and 194 USD. Hence the larger plans are more cost effective. After purchasing any of the plans, you will be able to work with maximum 500 subscribers. If your target is more subscribers, then you have to pay additional charges. For example, if your target is 5000 subscribers, you have to pay 30 USD more. For working with 10 thousand subscribers, your additional fee will be 50 USD.