ViralTag Discount and Grab Fantastic Coupon in 2024

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ViralTag Discount

There are different types of social media marketing tools. Only a few of these tools are recommendable for sharing visuals. ViralTag is one of these very important solutions.

A Small Review of ViralTag

Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest are mainly social platforms for sharing visuals. You should not use a conventional social media marketing tool to run campaigns on these platforms. There are a few specialized tools for this task. We recommend to use ViralTag for these campaigns. This solution is suitable for personal campaigns and team projects. Tons of features are added to this. In such way, gain the reviewed best social media marketing tool with discount and obtain the ViralTag coupon. Some of these features and facilities are as follows:

Pick and Post

There is no need to create an image for posting on different social networks. Even, you don’t have to make a big collection of top quality images anymore. ViralTag shows a very easy way to create eye-catching posts. It allows to pick an image from any website or somewhere else. And then, this tool will allow to create a schedule for making posts with that photo. Sometimes, we need to repin on Pinterest. This task should not be done manually anymore. You will be allowed to create a useful schedule for that. Similarly, ViralTag will allow to create scheduled video posts on YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo. Generally, we purchase multiple tools for these platforms. But, these single software will help to run campaigns on all these popular social media and video sharing platforms. That means, it will save your money.


Content Curation

After purchasing ViralTag, there is no need to depend on any other content curating tools. This software can easily be integrated with Canva, which is an impressive content generator. It will let you make changes in any image very easily. Then, the outputs will be completely unique. Hence, these will be suitable for making posts on Instagram, Flickr, and other networks. Team collaboration is another great feature of this solution. It will let you collaborate the social media posts among different members of your group. You can set an entire calendar for social posting. The success of these campaigns can also be measured with this powerful solution.

ViralTag Discount and Pricing

All the available plans of ViralTag come with a monthly and a yearly billing system. We have mentioned the monthly cost of these plans in a yearly billing system. Its Individual Plan is available for only $24/month. This one is for only 1 user and 10 different social profiles. The Small Business Plan can be enjoyed by paying only 79 USD per month except the discount. This one is for 3 different users and 25 social profiles. And there is a customized license named Brand Plan. Its price starts from $249. You can access it for 5 or more users. More than 50 social profiles can be handled by it. Each ViralTag license is capable of dealing with unlimited posts.

Therefore, please acquire with ViralTag discount and get the best social media marketing tool with coupon.