Synthesys Coupons, Discount Codes | July 2024 Promo

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Synthesys Coupon

Voice-overs are very important for making videos more impressive. These are also used for other purposes. Synthesys is helpful in making human voice-overs from a simple text. It is an impressive software in all niches.

Review of Synthesys

You may have already paid a lot of money for purchasing different text-to-speech solutions. Like the more other users, you may not happy with the performance of these solutions. There is another way to get good quality voice-overs is to hire voice-over artists. But, it is a very costly option. As your content is not of a very good quality, you miss a big revenue every day. To create amazing voice-overs, we suggest to use Synthesys. This software has an efficient text-to-speech technology. So, get the reviewed integrator providing design & build systems with coupon and avail the Synthesys discount.

Perfect Voices

Using the same voice in every video is not a very good option. You have to use suitable voice for each content. For example, a marketing video and learning lesson video are two different things. These videos require different voices. That is why, Synthesys comes with a big collection of voices. While converting a text into a voice-over, you have to choose a suitable voice. The cutting-edge technology of this software helps create necessary content in a very quick time. More importantly, its voice-overs will be human-like. Actually, voices of real-life voice-over actors are added here. So, you don’t have to be tensed about its performance and outputs. After purchasing Synthesys, there is no need to depend on any professional anymore.


Versatile Software

As we mentioned earlier, this software suitable in every niche. For example, you will be able to use it in gaming, films, training, and promotion videos. Another important thing is, it can be used in creating all kinds of advertisements. Nowadays, professional audio promotional materials are very effecting in engaging a big audience. This software is useful in creating such materials. Synthesys is very easy to use. As it is a web based solution, you will be able to access it very easily. Then, just copy and paste your text script. Then, choose a suitable voice. And then, this software will create an amazing output.

Synthesys Coupon and Pricing

Synthesys has two different licenses. The Personal License of this product includes 8 voice-overs and 10 thousand credits. Here credits means characters, whereas 30 thousand credits means one hour of voice-overs. To purchase this license, you have to pay only $67 without the promo code. There is another license that comes with more features and facilities. The name of this license is the Commercial License. This plan of Synthesys can be bought by paying only $97. It includes 30 thousand credits. You will be able to use it to serve your clients and prospects. It is possible to add more credits as per necessity by paying an additional fee.

In the conclusion, please take with Synthesys coupon and buy the integrator providing design & build systems with discount.