REVE Chat Coupons, Discount Codes | July 2024 Promo

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REVE Chat Coupon

For the online business owners, customer engagement is a crucial one part. If you can’t manage proper communication process with your potential customers, then there is the possibility to lose leads as well as the profit. In this case, chatting system can solve this problem. But, in this criterion, you have to find out a reliable one live chat software. REVE Chat is such a powerful one product in this case. This is a cloud based live chat basis software application and it assures instant assistance to the corresponding website visitors. By depending on this, there is the way to ensure better customer service. Hence, buy the reviewed customer communication & engagement solution with coupon and obtain the REVE Chat discount.

Review on REVE Chat

In order to boost up the sales conversion process, REVE Chat is really a helpful platform. It allows comprehensive customer engagement criteria like voice chat, live chat, video chat etc. This can simply establish effective communication with the new customers. In fact; if you are running any e-commerce site or related tasks, then this condition is highly effective for you. To make the whole journey fruitful at your website, REVE Chat allows all the supportive conditions.


Why This Solution?

REVE Chat is a simple one live chat solution and this can simply be integrated within your site in a quick way. It offers a comprehensive set of features as well as the benefits. In order to simplify the voice chat and the video chat, it issues some effective conditions. By depending on the customer’s query, this solution will engage the system assistant to provide accurate information in a shortest possible time.

Active Features List

REVE Chat covers a wide range of features in a smooth way. Here, you will get the option to maintain department management for chatting issue. Besides, the visitor analytic process is also issued within this. Here, you will fund auto trigger option. This most crucial part is a multiple assistance supporting issue. This means, you can simply provide assistance to the multiple users at a time. Moreover, during that time, you can capture the customer’s information for future analytics process with those assistance.

REVE Chat Coupon and Pricing

REVE Chat offers three plans. These are: Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. Let consider the Standard plan at the very beginning. For monthly payment condition, this plan asks $15/month except the coupon. For yearly payment condition, you need to pay $13.50/month. But, if you want to purchase with 2 years licensing condition, then it asks $12/month. By following this pattern, the Advanced plan asks $25/month for monthly payment. If you want to purchase for yearly basis, $22.5/month is needed and $20/month has been asked for 2 years license. While purchasing Enterprise plan, you need to pay $40/month for 2 year licensing. But it asks $45/month for yearly license and $50/month for monthly licenses.

Finally, please purchase with REVE Chat coupon and get the customer communication & engagement solution with discount.