PublBox Discount: Obtain Special Coupon Pricing in 2024

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PublBox Discount

Though there are a big number of social media management tools, all these tools are not recommendable. PublBox is suitable for all kinds of social media users, and marketers. It helps managing accounts of various platforms.

Review and Features of PublBox

Generally, we deal with a few social media accounts. There is no need to depend on other tools handle one or two accounts. But, when you will manage 5 or more profiles, it is better to use a top quality social media management tool. PublBox is a great solution for this task. This software helps connect, manage, and communicate a big number of people on various platforms at a time. Thus, obtain the reviewed responsive social media management tool with discount and gain the PublBox coupon.

Advanced Scheduler

It’s a very thought task to post on various social networks manually. Sometimes, you may not have enough time to do that manually. That is why, PublBox has an advanced scheduler. This single dashboard will let you post on different social networks at a time. Sometimes, you may need to create custom posts for different networks. There is no need to login to those accounts to create these posts. This software will allow you to customize any post for any social channel from the same dashboard. Different types of editing tasks can be done from here. For example, it is possible to edit texts and images. Similarly, PublBox helps adding tags, videos, and GIFs. You will be able to create schedules of several weeks, and even months. Then, it will automatically post on due time.



Graphics Designer

There is no need to depend on a separate graphic designing tool for generating social media friendly contents. PublBox comes with a built in graphics designing solution. It provides more than 10 thousand customizable templates. Just customize these templates, and generate suitable graphics. The drag-and-drop editor of this software will help do all these tasks with ease. The social media content integrator is another great feature of this software. It is suitable for creating fresh contents for all platforms. These contents will get more views, likes, and comments than ordinary ones. You will be able to track the social media growth by using the built in tools.

PublBox Discount and Pricing

PublBox comes with three stunning licenses. The Amazing Annual License is suitable or only one user and 5 social profiles. Its monthly cost is only USD 5. The Business+ License can be accessed by spending only USD 15 except the discount. This single user license can handle 10 different social accounts. Sometimes, you may need to use this software along with 2 other members. In such a case, the Team License is suitable. It is available for only USD 29 per month. All these plans of PublBox are available in an annual billing system. No credit card is required to purchase any of these licenses.

Finally, we hope please purchase with PublBox discount and get the responsive social media management tool with coupon in 2024.