PixelMe Coupon: Grab Exclusive Discount Offer in 2024

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PixelMe Coupon

Conversion of every website and customer may not be the same. You have to track various customer attributes to judge the conversions. This task can easily be done with a powerful solution named PixelMe.

Review and Features of PixelMe

The success of an online marketing campaign depends on various things. You may need to take the help of various websites and other sources. All these sources will not bring the same number of customers. In other words, different customers may follow different paths to be converted. To find out the conversion rates of these channels, you have to know customer attributes. We suggest PixelMe for this task. This solution comes with a big number of features and facilities. So, obtain the reviewed online marketing customer attribution tracking solution with coupon and gain the PixelMe discount.

Audience Builder

The audience builder tool of PixelMe is capable of performing various operations. For an example, it has a separate tool for link shortening. Instead of sharing conventional links to any site, using shortened links is a more effective option. These links are easy to share on anywhere. And, these are able to bring a bigger audience in a quick time. It will let you share your links via social media messages and emails. There are various ad platforms where these links can easily be shared. Some of these platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. PixelMe is able to track the performance of every link. That is why, there is no need to depend on a separate link tracking solution. Similarly, this solution helps using custom and short domains.


Smart Attribution

Using different channels for a marketing campaign is very important. But, all these channels will not work similarly. That is why, you have to find out which one is converting more. A high-converting channel will bring a bigger number of customers. This software allows to find out these high-converting channels very easily. It attributes every single website. The attribution tool of PixelMe is able to collect accurate data from various sources. And, it will also sync these data as per necessity. Trend analysis is another very important thing. Sometimes, there can be emerging platforms for more customers. This solution will help find out such trends.

PixelMe Coupon and Pricing

Every marketer does not target the same number of visitors per month. That is why, PixelMe comes with three different licenses. The Growth Plan can be accessed by spending only $65 per month without the promo code. It supports 20k visitors per month. There is another plan named Scale that can work with 50k visitors in every month. You have to spend only USD 124 per month to access it. Similarly, the Business License can be accessed by paying only 150k visitors per month. Its monthly cost is only $249. You have to once in a year to access any of these licenses of PixelMe.

In the conclusion, please get with PixelMe coupon and purchase the online marketing customer attribution tracking solution with discount in 2024.