Parted Magic Discounts, Coupon Codes| July 2024 Promo

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Parted Magic Discount

The disk management is very important for all kinds of computers. You can maintain your computer hard disk by using different tools. Parted Magic is a trusted and well-known hard disk management solution.

Parted Magic Review

Though there are different types of hard disk management tools, all these tools are not suitable for performing all operations. That means, you may need to purchase multiple tools to manage hard disks properly. Instead of buying these tools separately, we suggest to purchase Parted Magic. This is a complete disk management solution that performs almost every operation that a computer user may need to manage hard disks. Hence, please obtain the reviewed disk partitioning, disk cloning, data rescue & recovery, disk erasing, and benchmarking software with discount in 2024 and get the Parted Magic coupon.

Disk Partitioning

As we mentioned, Parted Magic is a complete hard disk management solution. It is actually consists of several small tools that will allow you perform various operations. For example, its Partition Editor tool is helpful in resizing, copying, and moving partitions. Sometimes, it becomes very important to grow or shrink the C drive. In such cases, this tool is very useful. In different computers, we need to use multiple operating systems. This tool will help increase the space in C drive to accumulate and run multiple operating systems. Disk cloning is another great feature of Parted Magic. You will be able to clone an entire disk of a computer by using it. Similarly, it can also be used for cloning a single partition. While cloning, this software saves cloned data as image files. And, these will be saved in any storage or server.

Parted Magic

Erasing & Recovering

Sometimes, we purchase a separate tool to erase files from hard disk safely. The internal secure erase tool of this solution is capable of doing this operation. That is why, you don’t have to purchase an additional tool. It also provide Data Rescue, which allows to recover lost files with ease. Sometimes, devices show disk read errors. In such situations, this tool is very effective. Parted Magic is very useful in resetting or changing Windows passwords. This solution comes with tons of benchmarking tools. Some of these tools are IOzone, mprime, and Bonnie++, etc.

Parted Magic Discount and Pricing

You don’t have to pay a big amount to grab its license. The paid license of Parted Magic is available for only $11. In most of the other cases, you may need to pay this amount to grab a hard disk management software for a single device. But, this one can be installed on unlimited devices. There is a 14-day money back guarantee with every license. Along with that, you can have a 1-year subscription facility that is available for only $39. After purchasing it, you will get all the updates. Parted Magic also provides a disk erasing service. This service can be bought by paying only USD 12. This software is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

Therefore, please obtain with Parted Magic discount. Afterall, get the disk partitioning, disk cloning, data rescue & recovery, disk erasing, and benchmarking software with coupon in 2024.