MSP360 Backup Coupons, Discount Codes | July 2024 Promo

Get 15% cashback providing as the MSP360 Backup coupon. Please see following MSP360B image for this coupon procedure.

MSP360 Backup Coupon

Managed service providers often look for a reliable data backup solution. But, there are only a few recommendable options for them. MSP360 Backup can be recommended for its amazing features and flexibility.

MSP360 Backup Review

Managed service providers should use a centralized job management console. It may give them a way to monitor, report, and boost their jobs. They may also need to work with various cloud platforms. All these tasks can be done very easily by using MSP360 Backup. It is a reliable backup-as-a-service platform. Previously, it was known as CloudBerry Backup. Now, its brand name has been changed. But, that does not mean, it comes with limited features. Rather, this solution provides more amazing features and facilities. So, please get the reviewed windows cloud storage backup software & data disaster recovery solution with coupon and obtain the MSP360 Backup discount.

Web Based Console

You don’t have to depend on an offline software that works only in a particular device. MSP360 Backup provides a web based console. This console provides a centralized management facility. All kinds of monitoring can also be done very easily. Another important thing is there is no need to depend on a difficult license management system anymore. This solution provides a very simple license management. Similarly, different types of reporting can be done by it. For an example, you can easily create reports regarding storage, capacity, and billing. There are different types of RMM/PSA solutions. Some of these solutions are LabTech, Ninja RMM, and ConnectWise. MSP360 Backup can easily be integrated with these solutions.

MSP360 Backup

Powerful Backup

Different types of backup facilities are provided by this solution. First of all, it comes with a reliable workstation and service backup system. There are only a few tools that have the hybrid backup facility. This solution is one of these tools. For this reason, it can deal with local and cloud backups in a single pass. The incremental backup system is another great feature of MSP360 Backup. It actually creates backups for only those files that have been modified or newly added. That is why, your tasks will be completed very quickly. After purchasing it, there is no need to depend on another tool for the Office 365 backup. This software has a separate program for that.

MSP360 Backup Coupon and Pricing

Actually, the price of MSP360 Backup depends on the platform you prefer and the total backup space you need. Suppose, a user need to use 100 GB. In that case, he has to pay only $2.30 for Amazon S3. If he prefers Google Cloud Storage, then this price will become only USD 2 without the promo code. Similarly, he has to pay only $1.84 for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. There are various other plans. You just have to select as per necessity. Some other similar solutions are there also. The most of these solutions charges a big fee for the signup. MSP360 Backup does not charge any amount for that.

In the conclusion, please purchase with MSP360 Backup coupon. Eventually, kindly get the windows cloud storage backup software & data disaster recovery solution with discount.