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Social media presence is very important nowadays. Online professionals need to organize and analyze their social media presence very well. To do this task, Metricool is one of the best tools around. It is a combination of several little social media related tools.


Review of Metricool

Running different social media promotions and ad campaigns is not very tough. It can be done by even an ordinary tool. But, making every project more optimized and more profitable is not an easy deal. In doing so, you have to use a top quality solution. One of these solutions is Metricool. It is capable of working with multiple platforms and all types of promotional and ad projects. So, you can call this tool an all-in-one solution. Its important features are:

Easy Analytics

To succeed on any social platform, you must analyze different metrics. Most of the other tools provide scattered data that need further analysis to use in a project. But, there is no need to do so after purchasing Metricool. It provides unified data collected from webs, online ads, and social networks. So, you will be able to make the right decision. Another essential feature of this solution is its competitor analysis. It is capable of finding out strategies that competitors use. Metricool allows you to consult unlimited historical data anytime you want. This software supports a significant number of social platforms. Some of these platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Metricool review

Effective Planning

While working on social media marketing or promotional projects, it is important to plan properly. For example, you should not make a post without knowing the most effective time to do so. Metricool can suggest when a more extensive audience will be available on a social platform. Then, you just have to make a post during that time. Another important thing is to publish the same content on various networks. In doing so, this software is very helpful. Its multi-posting capability will help you deal with multiple platforms at a time. Metricool supports CSV imports. That means it allows to import of any content plan from CSV files to the planner very quickly.

Online Advertising

This software has a built-in advertising tool. It allows creating, posting, and managing Google Ads campaigns. You can also use it to run Facebook Ads campaigns. More importantly, it can compare the performances of these campaigns. That means your online advertisement investments can be made on a suitable platform. Metricool is capable of obtaining indicators that help optimize any advertisement campaign. Even this solution has a separate tool to create personalized reports on different campaigns. These reports can be downloaded as many times as you want.