List Janitor Coupon: Receive Fantastic Discount and Review in 2024

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List Janitor coupon

Most of the successful email marketers use several tools in their campaigns. They must create profitable lists and manage those perfectly. For doing this task, many of them uses the List Janitor. This email list management and cleaning tool has plenty of important features.

Review of the List Janitor

It is believed that large list means large sales. But actually, if that large collection is full of duplicate contacts, that will not be profitable. There can be some other issues which can make that list less profitable. To solve all those issues, it is important to use proper cleaning and management software. List Janitor is pretty impressive for solving those issues. That is why, it is a must needed solution for all types of email marketers. So, please purchase the responsive computer based List cleaning & management solution with coupon and get List Janitor discount. Some main features and facilities of this product are:

Grows Mail Open Rates

This software can easily remove duplicate contacts from any list. At the same time, it has the ability to remote those common items from multiple collections. For this reason, you can be sure that your mails are not sent multiple times to the same addresses. This feature ultimately increases the email open rates. Similarly, List Janitor can ensure better email delivery rate. As it will deal with actual contacts only, that will increase inboxing rate very quickly. Advanced segmenting is another nice feature of this tool. For this feature, you will be able to generate useful small lists from a large collection. For such mail marketing segmentation, it will be possible to have better results.

Filtering and Searching

The List Janitor has come with very powerful filtering facility. For this reason, finding out some targeted contacts will not be a difficult task anymore. This product also has a very efficient A/B marketing facility. For this reason, it is capable of determining the most profitable list even before starting a campaign. Bounce rate is a big problem in case of many email marketing campaigns. List Janitor will reduce this problem very quickly. Due to huge delivery rate and minimum bounce rate, your accounts will never get banned by the autoresponder solutions. This software offer CSV files of the lists and you can use those files on any autoresponder.

List Janitor coupon

Excellent Coupon Code & Pricing

Mainly, the List Janitor has two different licenses. Elite Monthly License is one of those and it is available only for $9.95 per month. Instead of this one, purchasing an Elite Lifetime license is more cost effective. To access this software for lifetime, you just have to pay $47 once without the promo code. This pricing is mentioned as per this post creating date. List Janitor is made for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Both these editions are capable of cleaning the lists of maximum 25 thousand contacts. After purchasing any of it, you can deal with larger lists by upgrading it easily.

So, please buy with List Janitor coupon. Get the responsive computer based List cleaning & management solution with discount.