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Inboxr Discount

Inboxr Review

Inboxr has been designed to provide the users to run the fan pages smoothly. It is important to use the correct tool in order to run a fan page. Mostly those people who are not free, face most of the issues handling their fan pages. Therefore, using this application will ensure that users can handle fan pages in an easy and comfortable ways. Inboxr saves all afford and engages with the fans automatically, which saves a lot of afford of the users. Please get the reviewed powerful social network messenger software with discount and obtain the Inboxr coupon.

Benefits of the Program

Out of a lot of benefits, Inboxr can be used to ensure that users do not need to work too much. It is totally set and forget method. Which means users do not need to customize and work for hours to make this method work. Once they set this program, the method will automatically work. Which makes more sense for the business. Users need to log in, select the content they want to post afterwards users can just go back to sleep. It is as easy as that, so that users can find the rhythm in their online business. Users just need to select the fan page they want to post the content, the post will be automatically done, afterwards users can go back to sleep. It will change the way users control their fan pages, it will certainly save an immense amount of time of the users. It will make the work of the users much more easily as well.


The program also can provide the automated reply to the customers. So that users do not need to type long messages that is disrupting to users work. Inboxr automatically creates follow up on automated email messages to make the work easier for the users in the long term. Users will not need to worry about leads at all. As the program will follow up the response. So that users can gain instant response and ensure that customers come back, users will have better chances to promote the business for them.

Multi Social Chat box

Iboxr has multiple chat box to offer. It can provide the chat box for Twitter and Facebook. So users can chat with their customers in multi platforms. Which provides enough flexibilities to the users as well.  It can provide the users 80 percent more open rates. It will result the increase in click rate up to 30 percent.

Inboxr Discount and Pricing

The price of Inboxr has been fixed to only one rate. It has the lite edition, ultra edition and basic edition as well. The lite package is only 34 dollars a month, the basic edition is 37 dollars a month and the ultra-edition is only 47 dollars a month except the discount. All these packages have diverse price to offer.

Therefore, please gain with Inboxr discount and have the powerful social network messenger software with coupon.