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FooPlugins discount

Review of FooPlugins

It is essential to create a website for various purposes. A website allows the interaction between customers and users to occur efficiently. To attract audiences and give them a satisfactory browsing experience, a website needs the right type of plugins. There are many such plugin providers, but very few are recommended. One such highly recommended plugin provider is FooPlugins. FooPlugins delivers the ultimate solutions to problems related to WordPress Media. Starting from images, galleries to video files everything can be customized, managed and shared through this software. Enjoy all the FP features with the discount coupon in 2024. The Fooplugins coupon will be really useful. Let’s look at some of the features provided by this software:

FooBox and Benefits

FooBox delivers its users with the solution to any media related problems. They have provided some of the most responsive media content for images, videos etc. Lightbox is one of their responsive features which can be added to any WordPress website. This lets any images and videos to adapt to any devices being used. Such responsive images and videos automatically adjust its structure to that of the device. This enables a smooth navigation through a website, regardless of whether the user is using desktop, mobile phone or tablet. For improved and better display of images a built-in slideshow is added. There is a built-in sharing option to share on social media sites. This ensures even greater number of traffic to flow into one’s website.


FooGallery delivers the ultimate solution when it comes to uploading and displaying images in a gallery. FooGrid is one of its features which automatically adjust all the images regardless of the type of website being used. There are also two types of themes provided to view the gallery of images. User can choose either light theme or the dark one depending on what they prefer. When images are uploaded its description and titles can be edited. This allows better customizability and management when adding in different type of images. For better view and appearance the number of columns can be customized. Options such as grayscale thumbnail are included as well. Initially this feature displays images as gray color, but it showcases the original color when it is selected.

FooPlugins discount

Pricing Plans, Benefits and Discount of FP

FooBox has a variety of packages that can be purchased for an affordable price. FooBox’s Personal package can be purchased for $19.99 which can be used on a single site. Multi package can be purchased for $49.99 excluding the discount which can used on five sites. Lastly, their Business package can be purchased for $189.99 which can be used on twenty-five sites. FooGallery has three different purchasable packages. Personal can be purchased for $19 which is usable on a single site. Multi package can be purchased for $39 which is usable on five sites. Lastly, Business package can be purchased for $59 which is usable on twenty-five sites. There are also software updates and support provided for the plugin.

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