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Edraw MindMaster Discount

Mind maps are useful for different personal and professional projects. But, it is very tough to find out a reliable mind map generating solution. If you are struggling to find out such a solution, then my recommendation is to purchase the Edraw MindMaster. This software has already achieved a huge popularity.

Review of the Edraw MindMaster

Before starting any project, it is very important to think about what you want to do and how to do that. All your thoughts and ideas should be presented in a certain way that you can follow those very easily. A mind map is very much impressive for any project. These maps can be created manually. But, it is a very tough process. Instead of this conventional technique, you can use the Edraw MindMaster. This amazing software comes with every little tool that is required for any mind mapping project. Enjoy the cool features of the amazing software with our discount. Hopefully, you are going to enjoy the Edraw MindMaster coupon. The major features of this product are:

Friendly User Interface

When you will express your thoughts in an image or map, it is very important to have a user friendly solution. In my consideration, Edraw MindMaster has the ability to fulfill this need. This software provides an exquisite user interface. The recent versions of Windows OS and MS Office have a ribbon. By using this ribbon, it is possible to access so many important tools with ease. Edraw MindMaster also provides this ribbon facility. That is why, there is no difficulty in finding out some important options and tools. Some important keyboard shortcuts are also added here.

Edraw MindMaster

Edraw MindMaster Discount and Pricing Plans

Like other Edraw products, this one also comes with various pricing plans. You can get this by accepting a monthly or yearly subscription. But, in this review some perpetual licenses are mentioned as per 16 March 2018. One of its Perpetual Licenses with only 1 year free update facility. To access this one, only $69 should be paid without any kind of promo code. It can be used on only one computer. Another license comes with 3-year free upgrade facility and supports 2 different computers. You just have to pay $99 to buy this one. Edraw MindMaster Lifetime License comes with a lifetime upgrade facility. It is available for only 149 USD. A small cloud storage is available with this license.

Offers Various Themes

I have already mentioned that, Edraw MindMaster is a newbie friendly solution. This solution comes with some amazing themes. Each of these themes consists of a customizable mind map. That means, every element of that mind map can be customized. For example, you can add and delete some shapes, lines, and fonts. It is capable of dealing with some very useful elements. You can add different types of hyperlinks, relationships, and tags in a mind map by using Edraw MindMaster. It supports the Grantt view. For this reason, you will be able to see the progress of any project from a mind map.

Hence, please get the mind mapping software with our coupon. We believe that you are going to enjoy the Edraw MindMaster discount.