DashThis Coupons, Discount Codes | July 2024 Promo

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DashThis Coupon

In these modern days, all the marketing activities are getting dependent on online basis. A lot of marketers are now trying a lot of strategies to achieve targeted profit. But all their activities as well as the strategies are needed to be saved and previewed from a single platform for the better analysis process. To help them in this case, today I will introduce DashThis. DashThis is mainly suitable for the digital marketers as well as the agencies. It ensures a flexible and easy-to-use interface for the marketers. Marketers can simply use this for gathering data and effective analysis process based on the data. So, buy the reviewed digital marketing reporting dashboard software with coupon and avail the DashThis discount.

Review on DashThis

DashThis is a cloud-based solution for digital marketing industry. This platform has been developed for the sales and the marketing agencies as well as the professionals. This tool can support you to consolidate and organize the marketing data of your SEM, PPC and SEO campaigns. To consolidate the marketing data from multiple tools and develop an interactive dashboard, this tool is highly effective.


Why This Solution?

DashThis is recommended for all types of marketing sectors. It can communicate with various analytical tools like Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Campaign Monitor, ClickMeter and so on. DashThis is used by more than 5,900 marketers and the agencies across the whole world. This tool makes it easy to get the data, create proper report and share them among the colleagues, clients etc.

Available Features Within This

DashThis includes a lot of user-friendly features with some powerful conditions. At the initial stage, you will find an intuitive design which is highly flexible to grab a user’s mind for using this. Here, you will find a lot of professional templates. These templates are designed with custom options. Then, you will get the formula to integrate many third-party tools or the extensions. In this section, there is the way to add unlimited number of users. Therefore, drag and drop widgets are also offered in this. Not only this, you will also find a periodic dashboard section within this tool. The most crucial term is a custom basis reporting structure which is attached within DashThis in a systematic way.

DashThis Coupon and Pricing

DashThis offers 5 different plans. These are: Individual (3 dashboards), Professional (10 dashboards), Business (25 dashboards), Standard (50 dashboards) and Enterprise (100 dashboards). First, consider yearly basis payment condition. In this scenario, you will need to pay $33/month for Individual plan and $109/month for Professional plan without the promo code. Therefore, you will have to pay $209/month for Business plan, $339/month for Standard plan and $499/month for Enterprise plan. But, if you choose monthly based payment, then some additional charge will be applicable. Like $39/month for Individual plan, $129/month for Professional plan, $249/month for Business plan, $399/month for Standard plan and $599/month for Enterprise plan.

Therefore, please get with DashThis coupon. Eventually, purchase the digital marketing reporting dashboard software with discount.