Competeup Coupons, Discount Codes | July 2024 Promo

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Competeup Coupon

Contests can make a website more popular. To create such contests for a website, we suggest to use Competeup. This website contest app is very easy to use. More importantly, it ensures a big automated traffic by offering viral contests.

Competeup Review

Different ways are there to attract and engage more visitors to your website. More engagement means more conversion and more sales. For example, you can create contests to your site and offer rewards to participants. Visitors will get attracted very quickly. There is no need to depend on professionals to create and offer these contents. An easy-to-use tool is enough for that. The name of that tool is Competeup. Hence, get the reviewed cloud based contest software with coupon and obtain the Competeup discount.

Unlike other tools, Competeup is capable of generating two different types of contests. First of all, this one is capable of creating instant reward type contests. In this type of contests, actually every competitor wins. Small instant rewards can be offered here. For example, every winner may win eBooks, courses, PDFs, case studies, and other small things. These things will not cost you so much, but these will be very effective to them. There is another type named overall prize contest. While ruing such an event, Competeup offers two stages. On the first one, participants will be asked to access the main contest by achieving a specific reward point. And, in the second stage, there will be draws to find out final winners. In such contests, you may offer physical gifts and cash. Live event tickets can also be sold in this manner.


Additional Facilities

While running different engaging events, it offers so many additional facilities. For example, this software is capable of collecting email addresses and phone number of every participant. You will be able to use these contact details in other campaigns. While promoting and marketing any event, marketers often run email marketing campaigns. In such campaigns, different autoresponders are useful. Competeup is compatible with the most of these autoresponders. Similarly, it allows every participant to share your event on Facebook, and other social platforms. An advanced notification facility is there too. That means, this solution will send email notification to each player about their upcoming event.

Competeup Coupon and Pricing

Two licenses of Competeup are available. The Commercial License of this product can be bought by paying only USD 34 except the coupon. It is capable of generating mobile friendly unlimited contests. For each one of those, it supports unlimited players. All the other features discussed till now are available here. There is an exclusive bundle for Competeup. The price of this one is only USD 297. In this bundle, you will get all the features that are available to its commercial license. Along with that, there is a masterclass workshop facility. A premium agency right is also added to this powerful edition.

Finally, please purchase with Competeup coupon and get the cloud based contest software with discount.