CloudBerry Backup Discount and Gain Excellent Coupon in 2024

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CloudBerry Backup Discount

We hear that many computer users save their important data and files on Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier. It is a very important thing to back up every important file. CloudBerry Backup has made this process very easy too. That is why, I strongly recommend to consider this solution.

CloudBerry Backup Features & Review

Amazon S3 is a popular platform for saving various data and files. It also allows to access these data online. But many people find a bit difficulty in using this platform. But, it can be accessed from any Windows computer very easily. All you need is to use the CloudBerry Backup. This Windows based solution offers a very user friendly environment to create and save various backups on Amazon S3. It is also capable of working with Amazon Glacier. In such way, take the reviewed windows cloud backup automation software with discount and avail the CloudBerry Backup coupon.

Supports Various Classes

It is not hidden that Amazon S3 comes with various classes. For example, the Standard and Pro editions of this solution are very much popular. There are some ordinary data backup tools, which cannot work with all these classes. CloudBerry Backup does not have such limitation. It will let you store the files on any class of Amazon S3. At the same time, you can easily transfer those files from one class to another class. This software does not depend on any third party tools to transfer the files. Rather, it allows to access every file directly. CloudBerry Backup will never ask for a penny to restore any data or file.

CloudBerry Backup

Cost and Space Saving

You can consider the CloudBerry Backup as a space saving solution. It is able to compress any file before creating a backup. This is an optional facility though. Another important feature of this product is the Block Level Backup. This feature ensures that there will no duplicates. It will create the backups of new and modified files. That is why, CloudBerry Backup can complete its operations in a quicker time. Some other facilities like scheduling and encrypting offered by it too.

CloudBerry Backup Discount and Pricing

Like some other products of CloudBerry, this one also comes with a free edition and a Pro Edition. Its free license will not provide you all the features that are described above. To enjoy all those, you have to purchase the Pro License by paying only $29.99. According to 1 March 2018, this license has a volume discount facility. The price mentioned above is valid for 1 to 4 units. But if you get 5 licenses of CloudBerry Backup at once, then the unit cost will be only $24.99. For 10 licenses, this cost will be only 21.99 USD per unit. Similarly, if more units are purchased, this unit cost will be even lower.

Finally, please gain with CloudBerry Backup discount and eventually buy the windows cloud backup automation software with coupon in 2024.