AccuRanker Review | Get Pricing for Rank Tracking Software

Every search engine optimization campaign requires a rank tracker tool. Only a few tools are there that are fast and accurate. AccuRanker is one of these tools. This one is also an affordable solution.


AccuRanker Review

Rank tracking is essential for every SEO project. Without an efficient rank tracking tool, you won’t be able to understand where to spend your valuable time. Sometimes, online marketers invest so much on a specific platform or task from where they won’t be able to earn that much. Similarly, they should not deal with such keywords that are not profitable anymore. A reliable and fast rank tracking tool is necessary for all these things. We suggest AccuRanker for its unique features and facilities. Some of these features are:

On-demand Updates

As rank data are so important, you should not depend on old data. But, most of the available tools provide old data, where data change regularly. AccuRanker has a great solution to this problem. It has an on-demand ranking update facility. The keywords will be updated every 24 hours. And these will be refreshed in every alternative hour. Most importantly, this software will take only a few seconds to update data. You don’t have to face any difficulty while accessing data. Its easy-to-use API is beneficial in accessing data. Advanced metrics will be shown on multiple landing pages. That is why you will be able to understand everything very well. AccuRanker can offer insightful data and analyze each piece of those.

AccuRanker review

Custom Reporting

Sometimes, we see people purchase a separate tool to create custom reports regarding their rank tracking project. You don’t have to do so after buying AccuRanker. It helps create customized reports. In every piece, it is possible to add the company logo and name. Actually, this software provides an entire report builder, which has a drag-and-drop functionality. For this reason, it is very easy to add different elements with ease. Another essential feature is its advanced scheduling facility. That mean, AccuRanker is able to create reports automatically as per a premade schedule. Data filtering is another excellent advantage of it. You will be able to filter data in hundreds of ways.

Competitor Analysis

While running any SEO campaign, analyzing competitors’ ranking position is essential. No additional tool is necessary for doing this task anymore. This software is able to track competitor’s ranking data for specific keywords. Then, you will be able to measure your progress as well. Instead of dealing with a single competitor, this software works with multiple competitors at a time. Another important thing is AccuRanker can track local and global rankings for multiple keywords. It considers postcodes, cities, regions, and addresses as well. Lots of SERP features are also available in this software.