Cashback Policy & More

For most of the purchase, we offer cashback to our customers. The cashback depends on the commission we receive from the sale. For some other products, we offer coupon code or promotion. If you purchase a product that has cashback associated with it, please write to us very soon after the purchase. Once we verify your purchase, we will send the cashback within 24 hours.

cashback policy

Order Procedure

After you land our promotion page, you will find the details how to make the purchase. The page also illustrates how to avail the offer, so please act accordingly. Make sure that you have cleared your browser cookies before clicking our link, so that we get the credit for sales. Thus, clicking our link redirects to either the product page or the cart. Once you are in the checkout cart, fill up every details including your email address and name. Almost all the merchants allow credit/debit card and some also allow PayPal. After you finalize purchase, you should receive an email with the instructions. If your product is a digital one, you might receive a download link. If it is a physical one, you should receive shipment instruction and details.

What Happened to My Cashback

Sometimes your email may be caught by our email filter, and sometimes they are even caught by the server filter. In both cases, we may not receive your email. Though we periodically check such emails, but in that case we request you to use the contact form. This way we receive direct email from you.

How Refunds are Processed

It actually depends how the merchant handles the refund. Many merchants offer 30 days money back guarantee. In that case you need to contact directly with the merchant. Either you purchase through credit/debit card or PayPal, they should be able to refund the product based on their terms.

If your product shows some problems, then you can ask for a refund from the respective company. Before this, a few things should be considered. First of all, you have to ensure that the product license has a valid money bank guarantee. And, there can be terms and conditions in this policy. You have to consider that whether any of these terms has been violated or not. If no terms or condition is violated, then you just have to contact the support team of that product. In doing so, phone call, email, and support ticketing facilities can be used. After judging the problem, the support team has to refund after a while.